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WITTY MINSTREL : the Singer in the shoes of an Historian

WITTY MINSTREL a à cœur de rétablir et surtout de retransmettre la Véritable Histoire de l’Afrique. Celle que l’on enseigne pas à l’école, mais plutôt celle enseignée par nos bibliothèques vivantes.

C’est sous cette vision qu’il propose donc à ses fans et mélomanes du monde entier son projet musical intitulé “THE UNTOLD AFRICAN STORY composé de 06 titres et 02 bonus.

Nous sommes donc allés à la rencontre du NGWANG YOV (qui veut dire ambassadeur de la paix en LAMNSO) afin d’avoir plus de détails sur son œuvre musicale.

L’AFRIQUE que l’on ne raconte pas


Bantouqueen : Hi M. WITTY MINSTREL. We are proud to be receive by you today.

W.M : Hello Bantouqueen. I am also proud to be interviewed by your blog.

Bantouqueen : your success song “BE PROUD” and other like “YUWUN” shows us that you are really concerned about valorization of ours culture and traditions.

Why did you decide to talk about this specific topic ? 

W.M : i choose to talk about this specific topic because for me, Africa is not valued at its fair value.

Do you know that until now many white people think that Africa is a bush place ? And even some africans don’t know well their continent.

Is to show the real face and place of Africa, and let people know that Africa is Heaven that i am talking about this specific topic.

Bantouqueen : we noted that this project has no featuring. Why did you take this decision ?

W.M : this decision is intentional. First of all, i recorded this project in a very short time.

Secondly, i want people be focused on the story, the message ; and thirdly, there is a lot of featurings in my upcoming album.

Bantouqueen : let’s talk about the title of your project “THE UNTOLD AFRICAN STORY”.

Do you think that History that we learn in school isn’t true ?

W.M : i will not say true but incomplete. In our schools, they teach us want they want us to know but not what we really need to know.

That’s the reason of this title. In this and with this musical project, i am trying to tell to the whole world the african story that wasn’t told before.

I feel it’s a responsability for me to do that.

WITTY MINSTREL © Witty Minstrel Facebook Page

Bantouqueen : through the tracklist, we also notice that this project it’s a story. And we were very impressed.

We would like to know what motivated you to release this project in this form ?

W.M : i did it like that because i want my music, and this project in particular which is dearest to me, IMPACT people.

I don’t do music to please people. I want to transmit a message which will raise awareness about our history.

Tracklist © Witty Minstrel Facebook Page

Bantouqueen : are we going to listen to other musical sounds or you preferred to stay in the traditional sounds which are your musical identity ?

W.M : this musical project it’s a mixture of every sounds because i am talking to the world.

You will have typical traditional sounds, RnB, RnB mixed with traditional melodies, Bikutsi mixed with Hip Hop

If it is true that i speak more in LAMNSO in all my musics, in this project, i decided to speak more in english to make sure everybody can understand what i am saying and the message i deliver.

Bantouqueen : you have already given the release date of “THE UNTOLD AFRICAN STORY” which is the 27th of February 2022.

But can we have more informations about this release ?

W.M : yes. Concerning the release, firstly, each audio will have his video.

Secondly, we will also do a movie based on this project.

Thirdly, a private LIVE concert will be organized which will be in strictly invitation.

And Fourthly, this project will be sold in packages.

Bantouqueen : can we have more details about these packages ?

W.M : there are 4 packages that are :

  • 1 : only audio
  • 2 : audio + all the videos
  • 3 : audio + videos + the concert Live
  •  4 : audio + videos + the concert Live + the movie.

Bantouqueen : if someone wants to buy your musical project, what should he do ?

W.M : concerning the forms of payment, there are varied.

We have classic payments : cash, credit card and local mobile payments. And we add the payment with Bitcoin that we called WITTYCOIN.

We decided to vary the means of payment so that everybody can buy with the mean of payment he or she feel confortable with.

Bantouqueen : M. WITTY MINSTREL, we arrived at the end of this interview. Do you have a last word to say ?

W.M : first of all, i want to say thanks to everybody who supports me.

Thanks to Dijay Karl (who also work with ARREY GINAL‘S EP)  Dijay Cliff who accepted to work in this project in a very short time.

And my last word is stream this BIG project so that “THE UNTOLD AFRICAN STORY” will be known and told.

And it is really important to us to know our history because before the arrival of white people, Africa has already his STORY.

Ce projet musical est un avant-goût de ce que WITTY MINSTREL nous réserve dans son tout premier album qui parle de la Crise Anglophone que nous attendons impatiemment.

Nous vous recommandons ce projet musical avec cette citation du célèbre Penseur Africain LEOPOLD SÉDAR SENGHOR :

Nul n’a le droit d’effacer ma culture car une communauté sans culture est un peuple sans être humain.

Let The African Vibration Rain On You.

Crédit vidéo : Les Histoires d’AJMMM




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