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Mr SYMPA Nous Réveille Amoureusement en MÜTZIG

Qui ne souhaiterait pas entendre à son réveil les douces paroles de Mr SYMPA qui dit je cite :

Chéri ooo, Amour ooo,

Sache que je suis fier de nous

Cette déclaration nous est faite dans la chanson “KWEL”, premier titre de Mr SYMPA sous la houlette du label LIONN PRODUCTIONS de l’artiste Mr Leo en partenariat avec la Marque MÜTZIG des BRASSERIES DU CAMEROUN



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MISTER ELAD’S THANK [English Version]

The Holy Scriptures in the book of Proverbs 1:8 says:

Hear my son, your father’s instruction

This is what MISTER ELAD is trying to  highlight and transmit to us in his 1st album.

PIKIN 4 HEADMASTER is a tribute to 2 people who have marked his life and his career : HIS FATHER and the famous artist LAPIRO DE MBANGA aka NJINGA MAN (which he borrowed the title of the famous song MIMBA WI)

We invite you to sit on the benches of the school (but life this time) and listen attentively to the teacher of the day.


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The Legend BOB MARLEY said:

Music can make people free.

It’s this feeling that TECKYLA JONES shouts, proclaims and claims  in her song titled “FREEDOM” available online since the 05th october 2021.

This song is not unknow to the public due to the fact that she performed it during big musical events as:

  • BALAMA Festival
  • Music Day

But the music video is released 14 years later. Let’s discover the FREEDOM mindset of TECKYLA JONES.


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