The Legend BOB MARLEY said:

Music can make people free.

It’s this feeling that TECKYLA JONES shouts, proclaims and claims  in her song titled “FREEDOM” available online since the 05th october 2021.

This song is not unknow to the public due to the fact that she performed it during big musical events as:

  • BALAMA Festival
  • Music Day

But the music video is released 14 years later. Let’s discover the FREEDOM mindset of TECKYLA JONES.

FREEDOM: the song that break chains

Broken chain ©

How many time have we become prisoners of our thoughts, emotions, frustrations ? And no longer know how to get rid of it.

TECKYLA JONES (who you can know better here) with her song gives us the way to exteriorize everything that bothers us, break  the chains of everything that hold us back; and embrace the happiness of FREEDOM.

Teckyla Jones ©

FREEDOM is an outlet, a prayer for those who no longer have the energy to face the difficulties of life.

FREEDOM is also a song of  hope, love and joy of life.

Through this song, the author makes us know her philosophy. And to express what she is feeling, she chose Mother Nature which play the role of audience and listener.

Mother Nature is also the way she use to make the echo of her voice resounds all over the earth.


My GOD please,help me. Please give me the faith to beleive in my freedom.

We all beleive that this video is the beginning of a long series which will mark her exit from the shadows.

Birds are free ©

Breathe a FREEDOM fresh air here 👇🏿

Let The African Vibrations Rain On You

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